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Matcha Teas

Matcha is the traditional Japanese tea that's become increasingly popular. Research has shown Matcha to contain the highest antioxidant level of any tea on the market, offer over 100x the levels of EGCG per cup vs. a brewed mug of green or white tea.

  • Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply)

    Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply)

    Our Matcha Noir is made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, as green matcha. The main difference, besides its rich, full taste, is how it is processed after harvest. Once picked and processed, the leaves are oxidized under carefully controlled...

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  • Doukessho Matcha Bowl Doukessho Matcha Bowl

    Doukessho Matcha Bowl

    The Capital Teas Doukessho Matcha Bowl (chawan) is a most beautiful yet simple piece of traditional Japanese ceramic artwork whose specific function is for whisking up and drinking powdered green tea, called Matcha. These specially styled bowls have been...

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  • Matcha Spoon Matcha Spoon

    Matcha Spoon

    The Japanese tea ceremony is one of rich tradition and beauty. This matcha spoon is crafted in Japan using quality bamboo and is the perfect addition to a ceremonial tea set. Use in the preparation of Matcha Symphony to enhance your green tea experience.

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  • Izu Matcha (Retiring Tea, Limited Quantity)

    Izu Matcha (Retiring Tea, Limited Quantity)

    When Japanese Buddhist monks needed a little help with the long meditative sessions they turned to ground form of tea we now know as Matcha. Grown on the Izu peninsula of Japan, our Izu Matcha produces a distinctive and vegetable cup of tea with a sweet...