• Capital Teas Sampler Tin (2 oz.)

    Capital Teas Sampler Tin (2 oz.)

    This small size Capital Teas tin holds 2 oz. (depending on the tea type) of your favorite Capital Teas loose leaf or sachet tea. Having a simple and classic rectangular design, these elegant black tins can be placed along the wall on your kitchen counter...

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  • Magic Tea Maker

    Magic Tea Maker

    The Magic Tea Maker makes brewing your next cup of tea fun and engaging. Fill according to the instructions, and watch as the hot water infuses your favorite loose leaf tea. The brewing process takes only a few minutes. It's so easy, it's almost like...

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  • Lime Red

    Contour Infuser Mug

    The Capital Teas Contour Infuser Mug is a self-contained brewing and drinking container for your favorite loose-leaf teas. Its stainless steel tea infuser has extra-fine holes to evenly circulate and steep even the finest tea leaves, and it has a handle...

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  • Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug

    Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug

    Double-walled construction offers advanced insulation, keeping hot teas from burning your hands and slowing down the cooling process so every sip is as warm as the last. Fine porcelain material is light enough to carry around all day, but heavy enough...

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  • Perfect Pot of Tea Spoon Perfect Pot of Tea Spoon

    Perfect Pot of Tea Spoon

    When you're brewing a pot of loose-leaf tea, the Perfect Pot of Tea Spoon takes the guesswork out of measuring. The spoon holds enough tea for three to four cups. Just scoop, steep, and strain to enjoy, with few floating leaves or dregs at the bottom of...

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  • Teapot-Shaped Teabag Tray

    Teapot-Shaped Teabag Tray

    This Teapot-Shaped Teabag Tray is the perfect place to place your teabags or infusers while making thst perfect cup of tea!   Specifications: Single glaze lead-free ceramic ware.     *All Sales Final*

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  • Alessi Tèo Spoon for Tea Bag

    Alessi Tèo Spoon for Tea Bag

    In addition to its normal function, “Tèo”, designed by Karin Santorso (Studio LUCY.D), makes it possible, once the tea is ready, to remove the bag from the cup and gently squeeze it, pulling it up through the hollow handle. Made of...

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