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Stimulating Tea (Herbal)

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Embark on a delightful flavor journey and escape to well-being with Capital Teas' Stimulating Tea. This caffeine-free herbal infusion offers a perfect balance of taste and health benefits that can enhance your day, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Carefully crafted with a unique combination of ginger root, cardamom, coriander, turmeric root, cloves, and nutmeg, our Stimulating Tea provides a sensory experience that transports you to a world of tranquility and harmony. As you take a sip, let the warm and comforting flavors soothe your soul and elevate your senses, creating a moment of reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A great start to your day, this invigorating blend awakens your senses and prepares you for the challenges ahead. With its rich, aromatic ingredients, the Stimulating Tea offers an uplifting experience that helps you stay focused and alert. At the same time, its calming properties make it an ideal choice to unwind and relax as the night winds down.

Beyond its enchanting taste, the Stimulating Tea boasts numerous health benefits. Ginger root is known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties, while cardamom and coriander may aid in digestion and promote overall well-being. Turmeric root, a powerful antioxidant, has been linked to reducing inflammation and improving brain function, while cloves and nutmeg offer a comforting warmth and a touch of natural sweetness.

At Capital Teas, we take pride in creating high-quality, handcrafted tea blends that prioritize both taste and well-being. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients ensures that you enjoy a premium sensory experience with every cup.

Treat yourself to a moment of serenity and elevate your daily routine with Capital Teas' Stimulating Tea. As you indulge in its rich, aromatic flavors, let the stress and worries of life melt away, allowing you to fully embrace the journey to well-being. Savor each sip as you find solace in this enchanting blend, and let its rejuvenating essence awaken your spirit and calm your mind.

Brewing Instructions (per each 6 oz. of water):

Health Benefits:

  • Cardamom tea may improve circulation to the lungs
  • May aid in digestion
  • Ginger could help in lowering cholesterol
  • May lead to reduced stress


ginger, cardamom, coriander, turmeric root, cloves, and nutmeg

6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Adin on Nov 6th 2020

    A great tea for when I need some extra energy late at night to get work done. Highly recommend

  • 5
    Title of review 3886

    Posted by Anonymous on Aug 24th 2019

    Another delightful tea from Capital Teas which I have enjoyed for more than 10 years.

  • 4
    Love it!

    Posted by Cynthia Hahn on Apr 3rd 2018

  • 3
    Title of review 2946

    Posted by Sarah H on Jan 28th 2018

  • 4
    Received as a sample

    Posted by NC on Mar 9th 2017

    This was the sample in one of my orders (which, by the way, I love that they send samples!) and I wasn't sure what to expect. But, I really liked it. The smell was like my spice cabinet, which might turn some people off, but the taste was an interesting blend of herbs and spices. You can taste each of them, but they blended fairly well. Would make a very nice evening tea on cold nights when you are battling those shortened days and want to get through your evening tv shows without falling asleep, but this won't keep you awake at night. I would buy this one.

  • 5
    Different and delicious

    Posted by Carol Overstreet on Jul 10th 2014

    I have tried this tea before but forgot how good it was. It's nice to have an herbal tea that isn't red. Thank you for not putting artifical flavorings in your teas.