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Green Goji Berry Superfruit

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Escape to a world of well-being with every sip of our Green Gojiberry Tea. This delightful blend of classic sencha green tea infused with the world's most powerful berries - gojis, pomegranates, and blueberries - transports you to a vacation from the ordinary. The tangy and floral flavors are balanced with the grassy and fresh green flavors of the Sencha tea, creating a unique blend that will keep you coming back for more. Lemongrass is also included to add a slight zing and perfect complement to the tea's flavors.

Sip on this tea and indulge in its potent benefits, including the antioxidants and amino acids that promote overall well-being. With L-theanine for stress relief and calm, this tea is perfect for those looking for a moment of relaxation and escape.

This tea can be enjoyed both hot and iced, making it a perfect beverage for any time of day. Additionally, the calorie-free and hydrating properties of this tea make it a healthy choice for those looking to maintain their wellness routine.

Experience a vacation of the senses with every sip of our Green Goji Berry Superfruit Tea.

Brewing Instructions (per each 6 oz. of water):

Brewing Instructions

  • Tea contains amino acids which promote stress relief and calm the mind
  • Iced and hot teas are hydrating and calorie-free
  • Green tea contains EGCG antioxidants which support overall health and well-being

Ingredients:  green tea (80%), gojiberries, lemon grass, pomegranate arils, blue cornflower blossoms, natural flavoring

48 Reviews

  • 5
    Summer Brew

    Posted by Jennifer on Aug 4th 2020

    This blend makes a FANTASTIC iced tea, with no need for added sugar.

  • 5
    The tea is great, but customer service is not exis

    Posted by James McCrorey on Jul 14th 2020

    I tried calling and emailing there times with no results. Your advertising on the emails are deceiving. I opened a 30% off email to find a 25% off when I go to the website and get 20% off. I may never order from you again 😞

  • 5
    Title of review 4196

    Posted by Charles Sanders on Apr 15th 2020

  • 5
    Great taste!

    Posted by Patricia Updegraff on Apr 11th 2020

    This is my go to tea on any given day. It's very tasty and it seems to give me that "boost" I'm looking for.

  • 4
    Title of review 4138

    Posted by Sheryl on Apr 1st 2020

  • 5
    Title of review 3891

    Posted by THEODORE ARTHUR on Aug 27th 2019

  • 5
    Title of review 3794

    Posted by Diane Darcy on Jun 6th 2019

  • 5
    Wonderful tea!

    Posted by Andrew Shoyer on May 8th 2019

    I love my Organic Green Goji Berry Superfruit. I miss the store in Bethesda, where I last bought it, but cannot complain about the convenience of receiving the latest shipment in the mail. Got one batch for home and one for the office.

  • 5
    Title of review 3746

    Posted by Dustin Swartz on May 7th 2019

  • 5
    Great fruity taste

    Posted by Elaine Manning on May 23rd 2018

    I was sad when Starbucks shutdown Teavana, so went out to hunt for something comparable. The flavor is great in all your teas I've tried thus far. I loved Teavana because the tea didn't have that bitter aftertaste, which I'm also not finding in yours. Only thing I wish there was more of, is dehydrated fruit, but taste is still comparable to Teavana without all the dehydrated fruit.

  • 5
    Great tea

    Posted by Joseph Ferrare on May 15th 2018

    This tea is excellent. Even if it hadn't become my evening go-to tea I'd keep some around just for the aroma. Shopping experience was smooth and delivery was spot-on.

  • 2
    My last order was a surprise

    Posted by Kim Birnbaum on May 9th 2018

    Thought I'd ordered one goji berry and a 4-oz tin...received 2 goji berry bags and 2 huge 1 lb tins! Also thought I'd ordered a Mexican hot chocolate, but didn't receive it. I have no idea what happened! I have never had any issues with my Capital Tea orders before!