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Earl Grey

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Earl Grey Black Tea, a timeless classic steeped in tradition, is a full-bodied black tea infused with the exquisite essence of bergamot oil. This iconic blend has captivated tea lovers' hearts and taste buds for centuries, ever since it was first presented to the 2nd Earl of Grey in 1803. With its unique and enchanting flavor profile, it's no wonder that Earl Grey has become one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

The distinctive floral notes of bergamot oil elevate the rich, bold taste of the black tea, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate. Each sip of this enchanting brew transports you to a world of refinement and sophistication, evoking the elegance of traditional afternoon tea gatherings and cherished moments shared over a steaming cup.

Earl Grey can be enjoyed as-is, allowing the delicate floral notes to shine or enhanced by adding milk, sweetener, or cream. The versatile blend of flavors adapts beautifully to your taste preferences, creating a tailor-made tea experience.

We recommend savoring this tea hot, allowing the warmth and aroma to envelop you in a cocoon of comfort and relaxation. However, an iced Earl Grey with a splash of cream is equally satisfying, offering a refreshing twist on this beloved classic.

Embrace the rich history and enduring charm of Earl Grey Black Tea, a quintessential favorite that has stood the test of time. Whether indulging in a quiet moment of solitude or sharing a cup with friends, Earl Grey is the perfect companion for any occasion, carrying the legacy of a time-honored tradition and the promise of a truly unforgettable tea experience.

Brewing Instructions (per each 6 oz. of water):


  • Wake up with energizing black tea - the caffeine in tea hits different
  • Antioxidants in tea promote overall physical well-being
  • The chemical composition of tea promotes focus and concentration

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, Natural Flavoring (Bergamot Oil)

38 Reviews

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    Wonderful tea! My daughter-in-law's favorite! She

    Posted by Brenda Prochilo on Aug 1st 2020

  • 5
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    Posted by Anonymous on May 20th 2020

  • 5
    Title of review 4251

    Posted by Anne Brosnan on May 2nd 2020

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    Title of review 4211

    Posted by Anne Brosnan on Apr 21st 2020

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    Title of review 4187

    Posted by Jessica Snyder on Apr 14th 2020

  • 5

    Posted by David Misenhimer on Apr 14th 2020

    Love it!

  • 5
    Comparable to any tea brands, anywhere

    Posted by George B. on Dec 31st 2019

    I travel all over the world for business: East Asia, Middle East and Europe. I bring home teas from every corner of the world. Capital teas compare with the best. Delightful in every way. Captal’s Earl Grey is my personal favorite Earl Grey.

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    Tea Order

    Posted by John C Williams on Oct 19th 2019

    My wife enjoys your tea BUT Earl Grey is her second choice. I have contacted your company at least once by email asking about the availability of Cream Earl Grey tea but I have received no response. Whenever I go online to order tea Cream Earl Grey it is listed as out of stock.

  • 5
    Fantastic Flavor

    Posted by Linda on Jul 27th 2019

    This is my favorite organic earl grey because there is nothing chemical or odd about it. It's smooth, flavorful and is my go-to tea any time of the day.

  • 5
    Earl Grey Tea

    Posted by PHYLLIS R HOFFMANN on Jul 25th 2019

    My husband got me hooked on Earl Grey tea back in college. We love Capital Tea's EG because it is very tasty and fresh. Hubby drinks it year-round; it's one of my go-to teas in winter.

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    Title of review 3727

    Posted by Anonymous on Apr 13th 2019

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    Title of review 3659

    Posted by Anonymous on Feb 16th 2019