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​Pick The Perfect Tea To Suit Your Mood... Or Change It!

​Pick The Perfect Tea To Suit Your Mood... Or Change It!

Posted by Paloma Pechenik on Jan 20th 2023

Pick The Perfect Tea To Suit Your Mood... Or Change It!

Life would be monotonous if it were sunshine and lollipops all the time. The lows help us to appreciate the highs and the in-betweens. Sometimes, we can brush off the external stimuli and cultivate our own contentment. Other times, a little phytochemical assistance is necessary. Tea can pick you up when you're feeling low, or slow you down when you're moving too fast. Not all mind-altering substances are illegal. Sometimes, all you need is a nice cup of tea to switch up the color on your mood ring. 


If it seems like your runaway train of thought is never coming back, oolong tea might be able to stop it in its tracks. A powerful duo of caffeine and l-theanine synergize to create a focused mental state and alleviate the chatter. Studies show that caffeine speeds up mental response time, while the l-theanine prevents distraction from unnecessary stimuli. This flavonoid power couple unites for a harmonious mental state perfect for studying, reading, and getting stuff done!


Are you feeling a little aggro because you had to pay taxes, or you're late to work for the fifth time this week? A little something sweet can balance out a salty attitude! Black teas with chocolate have a double hitter of feel-good chemicals, and they taste delicious. We all know chocolate is the cure for everything, but science actually backs that theory up. It contains a combination of tryptophan (the sleep-inducer responsible for Thanksgiving night turkey coma), serotonin, and anandamide (which has been declared the "bliss chemical" It's no wonder we crave chocolate when we're feeling blue!


It's 3:00 pm, and you're starting to feel a little less like a human and a little more like a pile of mush? Don't reach for a sugar-laden espresso drink just yet! Matcha powder provides a caffeine boost equivalent to a shot of espresso, but also has loads of health-promoting catechins, antioxidants, and EGCG! Matcha is a concentrated green tea powder that is super versatile. It can be blended into lattes and smoothies, or simply whisked into water. Researchers found the antioxidants levels in matcha were up to 137 times higher than that of a brewed leaf tea.


Broke your rose-colored glasses and life's looking a little gray today? There's a tea for that! Pu-erh tea is a fermented Chinese tea with a deep, woody flavor. The fermentation process also changes the chemical composition of the leaves. The result is a strong flavored tea with a dark liquor akin to coffee in its depth and richness. This complexity also results in an increased level of GABA, known as nature's tranquilizer. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for the calming effects of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription anxiety medications. A cup of pu-erh has all the mellowing effects, and you can still operate machinery!

Wound too tight?

Sometimes there's a surplus of responsibility that exceeds the demand. The burden of adulting is't always an easy one to bear. Fortunately, mentality affects reality. Attacking the to-do list with a relaxed attitude and a little careful planning can make a Herculean task list a bit more manageable. Need some chemical assistance? Meet tulsi! Also known as holy basil, tulsi is an herb that has a deep rooted history in ayurvedic medicine and sacred practices in India.

Just right?

Congratulations! You're already feeling like hot fire! Is there a tea for that? Whatever floats your boat makes the perfect sip for a happy camper. Find what feels good and keep kicking your day in the backside!

Life has peaks and valleys. Remember, no matter where you are, you're always on top of the world. But, if you need a little assistance, tea may be able to provide! Whether you're bouncing off the walls like Flubber or melting into your chair like ice cream on a summer sidewalk, there's a tea to bring you back to center! Plus, tea tastes good and it's good for you. Win, win, and win.