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​7 Reasons To Add White Tea To Your Healthy Regimen

​7 Reasons To Add White Tea To Your Healthy Regimen

Posted by Paloma Pechenik on Aug 24th 2020

7 Reasons to Add White Tea to Your Healthy Regimen

Routines are the secret weapon of the successful. You will see results if you commit to healthy choices and apply them to your day-to-day activity! Antioxidant-rich tea is an easy addition to any health and wellness plan.

White tea is the purest tea leaf, picked and dried. The young tippy buds used in white tea have high antioxidant levels, contributing to glowing skin and healthy body weight.

Here is a list of some of the top reasons why you should sip tea on the regular:

#1 Wrinkle prevention and anti-aging properties

Times change, and we change with the times. While we accrue wisdom through experience, we often accrue some fine lines as well. As skin ages, we seek out pills, lotions, and potions to maintain our youthful elasticity.

Collagen and elastin are the main firming agents of our skin. These proteins begin to break down with age—the skin wrinkles due to thinning and drying over time.

Luckily, we can prevent the degradation of our skin! In a study of 23 plant extracts, white tea was a clear winner in preventing inflammation and strengthening collagen.

#2 Lower caffeine content

Add white tea into your day by swapping out your afternoon latte! White tea contains less caffeine than its more oxidized counterparts. More antioxidants + less caffeine = nourished and hydrated the skin.

Reducing afternoon caffeine intake may improve your sleep, and a little beauty sleep will further amplify the results!

#3 Weight management and metabolic boost

For many of us, adipose tissue is an issue. With so many tasty things bombarding our sedentary lives, it's hard to prevent the accumulation of a few extra pounds.

Though moderating and paying attention to the things we consume is of primary importance, we can boost the effects of our efforts! White tea proves to be a strong ally, inhibiting the storage of new fat cells and encouraging the stored ones to be used as fuel.

EGCG encourages thermogenesis, building heat and burning fat in the body. White teas containing fruit are delicious without sugar and provide all of the beneficial properties!

#4 Promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss

A Korean study links tea drinking with hair growth. Epigallocatechin gallate, "EGCG" for short, is the primary catechin responsible. You can resteep a pure white tea like Kenya Nandi White up to 7 times and continue to reap the benefits.

#5 Prevents cardiovascular damage and protects the heart

Plant-based foods high in flavonoids protect the heart by keeping the blood healthy and mobile. White tea contains high levels of these phytochemicals!

Flavonoids break down triglycerides and prevent the clogging of veins and arteries. Go ahead and sip your way to a healthy heart!

#6 Strong, healthy bones!

The phrases "bone white" and "dry as a bone" paint pictures of fixed tissue. In reality, that vision is a fossilized and petrified bone. Healthy, living bone is made primarily out of collagen.

Since these cells are constantly regenerating, we can influence our bones' health with the foods we consume. The same collagen-enhancing powers of white tea that protect our cellular structure on the outside work on the inside to promote a healthy skeleton.

By consuming white tea, which encourages healthy collagen production, we can strengthen the bones and protect them from fissures and fractures.

#7 A simple way to add health to your day!

Brewing white tea is a delicious way to improve your health and well-being. All you need is a strainer, hot water, and a high-quality leaf. Check out our Fountain of Youth Berry Tea for a fruity mug of antioxidants.

Fill up a cup!

It's so easy to brew a pot of tea! Whether you drink it iced or hot, your cup will runneth over with healthy flavonoids and other beneficial properties.

Enjoy glowing skin, strong bones, and a healthy heart just from sipping on tea! Let your food (and drink) be thy medicine!