​5 Benefits Of Being A Regular Green Tea Drinker

​5 Benefits Of Being A Regular Green Tea Drinker

Aug 24th 2020

5 Benefits Of Being A Regular Green Tea Drinker

Green tea has been a popular beverage throughout history. It is used for ceremony, everyday use and even Chinese medicine. The simple act of sipping a hot, soothing beverage is already an enjoyable one. But, adding to the reasons to indulge in a sip, there is a growing body of evidence that green tea drinking can be very beneficial to overall health!  

#1 Strong Immune System

Green tea contains compounds that can fortify the immune response! Research conducted at Oregon State University showed a link between the EGCG present in green tea and an increase in regulatory T cells. These cells help to keep the immune system in check, preventing our bodies from attacking non-invasive cells. Regulatory T cells help alleviate autoimmune responses, allergic responses and even the formation of cancerous cells in the body. That';s a lot of power in a little leaf!

#2 Heightened Creativity and Mood

New findings about L-theanine amino acid are definitely something to smile about! Green tea contains substantial amounts of the compound, now linked to a significant increase in alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are associated with calm alertness, clarity, and increased creativity. The link has also been made between L-theanine consumption and a decrease in depression.

#3 Healthy Gums and Better Breath

If those alpha brain waves have you smiling, here’s some more good news. Polyphenols in green tea have been shown to naturally improve oral health! Researchers found a link between green tea consumption and reduced halitosis (bad breath), gum disease and general disease in mouth tissue.

#4 Improved Cognitive Function

Considerable research has been conducted on the effects of tea consumption on cognitive function. The findings are compelling! Healthy minds were associated with greater quantities of green tea consumption; Minds affected by degenerative disorders also had noticeable improvement after beginning a regimen of regular green tea consumption!

#5 Bolsters Cardiovascular Health

The brain isn’t the only vital organ that benefits from green tea. Studies have found strong evidence that catechins present in green tea leaf strengthen the heart as well! Extensive research into the effects of green tea intake on cardiovascular health found a myriad of positive effects, including prevention of blood clots, inflammation and oxidative stress (a risk factor in stroke and heart attack.)

Who knew a humble little leaf could do so much good for our bodies? It's no wonder green tea has been so highly regarded in China and Japan throughout the ages. From our brains to our bones, drinking green tea strengthens and nourishes the body. Sip this health promoting tonic, and appreciate the effects long after your mug is done!