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  • Spiced Serenity (Relaxing Tea + Yoga Tea)

    Spiced Serenity (Relaxing Tea + Yoga Tea)

    Our Spiced Serenity combines our soothing relaxing tea and our yoga tea which has natural remedies that can help restore body and spirit. The tried-and-true favorites of ginger and cinnamon marry beautifully with licorice, fennel, orange peel, and...

  • Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply)

    Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply)

    Our Matcha Noir is made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, as green matcha. The main difference, besides its rich, full taste, is how it is processed after harvest. Once picked and processed, the leaves are oxidized under carefully controlled...

  • loose leaf oriental beauty oolong tea Oriental Beauty

    Oriental Beauty

    Oriental Beauty is an ultra-rare Taiwanese oolong. The unique flavor occurs naturally due to a symbiotic relationship between the tea plant and the Jacobiasca formosana 'tea jassid' leafhopper. The tea leaves of oriental beauty wulong release a terpene...

  • Sprightly Spearmint loose leaf tea Sprightly Spearmint loose leaf tea and packaging

    Sprightly Spearmint

    Spearmint was revered by ancient Romans for its ability to focus the mind. It gives a naturally caffeine-free, refreshing slightly sweet infusion which may be enjoyed hot or cold. Try our Sprightly Spearmint today to invigorate you mind and body! Brewing...

  • High Caff Tea

    High Caff Tea

    Try our High Caff Tea with the same caffeine levels as coffee. Kosabei Black Tea from Kenya, which is already natuarlly quite high in caffeine, has been blended with Capital Teas Matcha Noir (a pulverized blend of Capital Breakfast Tea), in a 4 parts to...

  • Virgin Sangria Pyramid Sachets Virgin Sangria loose leaf tea

    Virgin Sangria Sachets

    Quantity: 20 Sachets per boxMore fun than wine in a box, our Virgin Sangria Sachets offer the big flavor of a summertime favorite one cup at a time. The marriage of black tea, raisins, elderberry, and hibiscus play happily iced on your tongue as you...

  • Masala Chai Sachets Masala Chai Sachets

    Tin of Masala Chai Sachets (12)

    Quantity: 12 biodegradable pyramid whole leaf tea sachets The unmistakable pride of India, chai tea holds a special place in the hearts of all who inhabit the subcontinent. Based on a classic Chai Masala recipe that is generations old. Sip the spice and...

  • Single Serve Cups - On the Waterfront Single Serve Cups - On the Waterfront Single Serve Cups - On the Waterfront Single Serve Cups - On the Waterfront

    Single Serve Cups - On the Waterfront

    Mild rooibos is combined with sweet apple pieces, bright spearmint, warm ginger, tart rose hip chips, hibiscus, osmanthus petals, and almonds for a delightful melody of flavors that is cool and calming. This caffeine-free blend is perfect to enjoy night...

  • Elderberry Black Loose Leaf Tea Elderberry Black Brewed Tea

    Elderberry Black

    Experience the delicious taste and aroma of our newest addition - Elderberry Black tea. This luxurious blend features a smooth black tea base, infused with the natural sweetness of elderberries, elderflower, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, cranberry...

  • Vino Teano Iced Tea Infuser Vino Teano / Iced Tea Infuser

    Vino Teano Iced Tea Infuser

    Vino Teano / Iced Tea Infuser Bottle Vino Teano combines the aesthetic of a wine bottle with the fresh taste of iced tea. This fun and stylish design has a removable mesh filter, which allows for tea leaves to mingle freely with any cold infusion. This...

  • the loose leaf tea a cup of brewed tea Cream Earl Grey Puerh Loose Tea and bag

    Pu-erh Cream Earl Grey

    Indulge in a rich and flavorful cup of tea with our Cream Earl Grey Puerh. This unique blend combines the deep, earthy notes of Puerh tea with bright citrus notes of bergamot, swirled with cream for a luxurious taste. Our Cream Earl Grey Puerh is perfect...

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    Tea Lager Glass

    Tea Lager Glass

    A perfect complement to Capital Teas Tea Lagers, this glass will quickly become your go to for tea and beer combinations!Dimensions: 3.25" X 5.5"Capital Teas Tea Lager:     *all sales final*

    Was: $5.95
    Now: $4.95
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    Tea Lager Earl Grey

    Tea Lager Earl Grey

    Beer + Tea? Just try it. Five minutes of cold brewing directly in your beer glass or chalice will add new dimensions to any beer. Each resealable pouch is packed with six pyramid sachets to ensure maximum flavor and aroma exchange. You can reuse...

  • Decaf Earl Grey Decaf Earl Grey

    Decaf Earl Grey (Small Batch, 3.7 oz.)

    ingredients: decaffienated black tea (CO2 process), natural flavoring (bergamot oil). cornflower petals Our Decaf Earl Grey is CO2 decaffienated to avoid harsh chemicals.  It is made with black tea that has been infused with premium bergamot citrus...

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    Vino Teano: Talk of the Town

    Vino Teano: Talk of the Town

    Wine + Tea? Just try it.   Upgrade subpar wine and add new layers of flavor! Steeping loose leaf tea in a lackluster bottle of wine is an awesome way to elevate your sensory experience. Each Vino Teano packet contains 30 grams of tea - enough to...

  • Virgin Sangria Virgin Sangria

    Virgin Sangria

    Virgin Sangria Tea Real fruits, including dried elderberries and raisins, give this sangria inspired blend the complex, sweet flavor that makes sangria so refreshing. The malt notes and tannins in the black tea mimic the tastes of red wine, resulting in...

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