Teas Without Added Flavoring

  • Capital Breakfast Capital Breakfast

    Capital Breakfast

    Capital Breakfast ingredients: organic black tea Carefully crafted with a blend that includes Chinese, Indian, Kenyan, and Sri Lankan black teas. This award-winning breakfast beverage from Capital Teas is sure to please. Thick malt and full-bodied flavor...

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  • Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea

    Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea

    ingredients: Organic Premium Japanese Gyokuro Our premium Gyokuro green tea demonstrates both Japanese ingenuity and artistry. Cultivated using techniques developed in the 1800s, young Gyokuro is grown in shade for 20 days in early spring and...

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  • Milk Oolong

    Milk Oolong

    The luscious, creamy taste of this Milk Oolong tea from Capital Teas is created from oolong leaves being exposed to the temperature changes from a very cool evening, to a warm and sunny morning. This change in temperature causes the chemical composition...

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  • Genmaicha Genmaicha


    This premium tea is a luscious blend of green tea leaves and roasted rice kernels, which produce a slightly brown-tinged beverage that is soothing, satisfying, and mild. It's a down-to-earth drink that will please every tea drinker, from the very young...

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  • Slimming Oolong

    Slimming Oolong

    ingredients: organic Chinese Ti Kuan Yin oolong Tea Hailing from Anxi in the Fujian region of China, our Ti Kuan Yin Oolong brings forth the best of semi oxidized Oolongs. Steeped in the traditional Min-Nam style against the wondrous WuYi mountains, our...

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  • Assam Bukhial TGFOP Second Flush Assam Bukhial TGFOP Second Flush

    Assam Bukhial TGFOP Second Flush

    One of the best known and most widely consumed black teas, our Assam Bukhial TGFOP Second Flush grows in the tropical climate of India's Brahmaputra River. Often enjoyed as a brawny breakfast tea, its strong, complex fragrance and flavor can help you...

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  • Lapsang Souchong

    Lapsang Souchong

    ingredients: organic Chinese black tea Lapsang Souchong is a loose leaf tea from the Northern Hills of the Fujian province in China. According to legend, in the mid-17th century, villagers were forced to hide their harvest of fresh tea from an invading...

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  • Decaf English Breakfast

    Decaf English Breakfast

    This classic favorite was popularized by Queen Victoria. On a trip to Scotland's Balmoral Castle, she discovered this gem of a tea and immediately ordered her personal supply. The rich flavor of a decaffeinated Ceylon blend is suitable for royalty but...

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