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Teacups & Mugs

Teacups & Mugs

Selecting the right cup is as important as choosing your tea. Choose from ceramic cups and infuser mugs, bothmodern and classicin style.Shop here for the cup that fits your tea.
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  • Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug

    Octopus Ceramic Infuser Mug

    Double-walled construction offers advanced insulation, keeping hot teas from burning your hands and slowing down the cooling process so every sip is as warm as the last. Fine porcelain material is light enough to carry around all day, but heavy enough...

  • Tip Cup

    Tip Cup

    Comes in White and Green.Volume: Approximately 8.8 oz.A modern design riff on the ancient art of brewing tea – and the first real innovation in tea cup design in thousands of years! Nordic design meets the ritual of tea Generous 4...

  • Green Zen Matcha Bowl

    Green Zen Matcha Bowl

    This cool and moody Japanese tea ceremony bowl is modern and perfect for whisking your favorite matcha powder. The wide and shallow design gives you plenty of space for whisking, which creates a smooth texture and releases as much flavor as possible...

8 of 8 Items