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Tea Makers & Infusers

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Tea Makers & Infusers

Tea lovers can brew their tea in a way that is just as individual as they are, thanks to the wide range of options in Capital Teas tea makers and infusers. Find everything from fun, modern individual infusers to tea makers fit for a crowd.

• Advanced Design: Innovative design elements combine with quality construction and materials for tea-making products you can enjoy time and time again
• Options for Hot and Cold Teas: You don’t have to be limited with how you drink your tea. With Capital Teas options for both cold and iced tea makers, you can switch off as often as you want
• Easy-to-Clean Construction: Nothing puts a damper on brewing a fresh cup of tea like a dirty tea maker. Capital Teas offers innovative, easy-to-clean products that make it simple to brew, clean up, and go

How you make your tea can be just as important as choosing a flavor you love. Whether you need tea for a group or tea on the go, you can select a maker or infuser that creates tea just the way you want it. Capital Teas products include infuser teapots, infuser travel mugs, iced tea makers, quick-heating kettles, and unique innovative items like the Magic Tea Maker (offers a fast and fun brewing experience) and Capital Teas Curve Infuser Mug (allows you to infuse your tea, then turn it upside down to hold the infuser). Healthy tea-drinking habits are easy to achieve with the tea makers and an infuser from Capital Teas.

Featured Infuser:
Capital Teas Curve Infuser Mug: $24.95