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    loose leaf sweet pineapple mint Tea brewed sweet pineapple mint with package and iced tea in a pitcher loose leaf sweet pineapple mint herbal infusion and packaging

    Sweet Pineapple Mint (Retiring Tea)

    Sweet Pineapple Mint This is a simply amazing iced tea! Wonderfully sweet and creamy pineapple with notes of cool mint and fresh cucumber. Brewing Instructions (per each 6 oz. of water): Ingredients: pineapple cubes (pineapple with a light...

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  • Loose leaf blend watermelon cooler

    Watermelon Cooler (Lemon Drop + Lemongrass Ginger)

    Brew it hot with once tablespoon of tea per 8 ounces of boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, then dilute by 1/3rd with ice cubes to make an amazing, naturally sweet, guilt-free, caffeine-free iced beverage! All the goodness and taste of natural fruit...

  • Strawberry Lemonade (Island Mango + Lemon Drop) Strawberry Lemonade (Island Mango + Lemon Drop) Strawberry Lemonade (Island Mango + Lemon Drop)

    Strawberry Lemonade (Island Mango + Lemon Drop)

    Strawberry Lemonade Tisane is a super fruity blend of mango, pineapple, hibiscus, and citrus fruits.  A caffeine-free fruit punch delight, Strawberry Lemonade fusion combines two of our most popular fruit tisanes, Island Mango and Lemon Drop. Fruit...

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    Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply)

    Matcha Noir (Retiring Tea, Limited Supply) - 2 oz.

    Our Matcha Noir is made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, as green matcha. The main difference, besides its rich, full taste, is how it is processed after harvest. Once picked and processed, the leaves are oxidized under carefully controlled...

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  • Irish Breakfast Tea Irish Breakfast Tea (brewed)

    Irish Breakfast Tea

    Irish Breakfast is a high-quality BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) Black Tea. A stout and robust blend, these leaves are cultivated from a February Tanzanian harvest and a June 2nd flush Assam. The result is a superb color and sweet, caramel aroma with hints of...

  • loose leaf oriental beauty oolong tea Oriental Beauty

    Oriental Beauty

    Oriental Beauty is an ultra-rare Taiwanese oolong. The unique flavor occurs naturally due to a symbiotic relationship between the tea plant and the Jacobiasca formosana 'tea jassid' leafhopper. The tea leaves of oriental beauty wulong release a terpene...

  • Elderberry Black Loose Leaf Tea Elderberry Black Brewed Tea

    Elderberry Black

    Experience the delicious taste and aroma of our newest addition - Elderberry Black tea. This luxurious blend features a smooth black tea base, infused with the natural sweetness of elderberries, elderflower, blackberry leaves, lime leaves, cranberry...

  • Lingia Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 Lingia Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 (brewed)

    Lingia Darjeeling SFTGFOP1

    Capital Teas Lingia Darjeeling SFTGFOP1 is a true sensory masterpiece from a small, artisanal tea garden recognized for producing some of the best teas in Darjeeling. The spring harvest is highly coveted in the tea market due to the fresh layers and...

  • Mind & Body Tea Flight includes Tea flight box and four foil bags Tea flight box

    Tea Flight - Mind & Body

    Improve your MIND & BODY with this healthy flight of four of our most popular health elixirs.  Great for yourself or as a gift. Teas & Ingredients in this flight: Body Revive - Organic ginger root, organic and Fair Trade Certified hibiscus...

  • O'Canada tea

    O' Canada Maple Black

    Indulge in the flavors of Canada with our O' Canada Maple Black tea. Made with a high-grown Sri Lankan black tea base and blended with real maple syrup, this tea brings the smooth, caramel-like sweetness of maple to your cup. The full-bodied tea is...

  • Virgin Sangria loose leaf tea Virgin Sangria Brewed Virgin Sangria loose leaf tea

    Virgin Sangria Sachets

    Quantity: 20 Sachets per boxMore fun than wine in a box, our Virgin Sangria Sachets offer the big flavor of a summertime favorite one cup at a time. The marriage of black tea, raisins, elderberry, and hibiscus play happily iced on your tongue as you...

  • High Caff Tea

    High Caff Tea

    Try our High Caff Tea with the same caffeine levels as coffee. Kosabei Black Tea from Kenya, which is already natuarlly quite high in caffeine, has been blended with Capital Teas Matcha Noir (a pulverized blend of Capital Breakfast Tea), in a 4 parts to...

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    The Cat's Meow (tea for two, your cat and you) The Cat's Meow (tea for two, your cat and you)

    The Cat's Meow

    Treat your cat to tea(*) and also have a cup for thee.  This purr-fect herbal infusion contains cat-safe and human-friendly ingredients that are sure to be be the cat's meow for your cat and you.  Delicious and caffeine-free. Ingredients: ...

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    Bark Brew (Tea for 2, Your Dog & You) Bark Brew (Tea for 2, Your Dog & You)

    Bark Brew (Tea for 2, Your Dog & You)

    Tea for Two, Your Dog(*) & You This tasty treat is great for you and for you four-legged best friend - at the same time!  Humans can enjoy this herbal, caffeine-free treat as hot tea or iced tea.  Dogs will enjoy the dog-healthy ingredients...

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  • Samurai Matcha (Ceremonial Grade) 3 oz

    Samurai Matcha

    Samurai Matcha ingredients: Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Samurai Matcha, rated as "Ceremonial Grade" matcha, is organic and of the highest quality -- and it is quite exquisite! Our Samurai Matcha, a fine powder of ground premium quality Japanese...

  • Tea Lager - Harbor Breeze

    Tea Lager - Harbor Breeze

    Beer + Tea? Just try it.   Five minutes of cold brewing directly in your beer glass or chalice will add new dimensions to any beer. Each resealable pouch is packed with six pyramid sachets to ensure maximum flavor and aroma exchange. You can reuse...