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How To Make Any Time Tea Time

How To Make Any Time Tea Time

If you’re just getting into tea, you might be wondering how to incorporate it into your daily regimen. Perhaps tea will motivate you to kick off the bunny slippers and put on the big girl/boy pants every morning. Maybe tea is your afternoon zen moment that prevents the sending of the angry email bubbling up from the depths. It could even be your nightcap after a hectic day. The versatility of tea makes it a great companion any time for any situation. Let’s insert some tea drinking into the daily repertoire!

The Morning Mug

Coffee converts have a plethora of teas to replace their morning joe. If decadence and body are what get you poppin’ in the morning, pu-erh fits the bill to a “tea.” A fermented leaf with dark, rich flavor and hue, pu-erh has a woodiness and depth that can’t be found elsewhere. Straight pu-erh is delicious, but modern twists also find it adorned with caramel, spices, and chocolate for a morning brew that can definitely get you started on the right side of the bed.

If caffeine is the real key to your ignition, Matcha could be your new morning beverage! A bright green cup of concentrated tea leaves, matcha has the highest level of antioxidants, caffeine, and EGCG. No wonder this Japanese superfood has become a huge trend! Packing some extra nutrients in before the day begins is a great way to look and feel your best. Since matcha is a powder, preparation couldn’t be simpler. You can whisk by hand with water or use a milk frother to make a latte.

Mid-Morning Munchies

Sometimes the stomach doesn’t cooperate with the norms of society and designated meal times. If your body happens to think there’s another mystery meal due between breakfast and lunch, tea’s got you covered! At times, the belly rumbles out of boredom or thirst. Fortunately, tea satisfies cravings and quenches thirst without adding calories. If you’re craving something sweet, just brew up a caffeine-free tisane like Roasted Almond, which is sweet without the need for sugar and honey. That’s an elevenses that won’t inflate the waistline!

Liquid With Lunch

If your lunch is normally paired with a soft drink or sweet beverage, why not swap it out for a heart healthy iced green tea? Green tea is low in caffeine and high in nutrients. By brewing your own iced teas, you also save money, create less waste, and control the amount of sweetener. Straight green tea makes a nice mellow brew. Or, you can spruce things up with a green tea that’s flavored with fruits and flowers! The options are pretty much endless.

Afternoon Tea For The Afternoon Slump

When it’s 3:00 o’clock somewhere and it feels like 5 o’clock is nowhere to be found, the need for speed gets real. This is typically the moment when we head to the frap-trap and indulge all of our cravings for artificial stimuli. But, if you #treatyoself everyday, it’s not a treat anymore. Swap in tea for a clean afternoon boost without a laundry list of ingredients and a high caloric load. Flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate and Madagascar Vanilla indulge the sweet tooth and provide a little caffeine boost without going overboard. You don't have to compromise taste when you choose a healthier option!

Tea In The Morning… In The Evening… and At Suppertime?

Tea comes in so many shapes and sizes that it can fit into virtually any facet of your daily regimen. A nice cup of iced tea pairs well with most meals. Lighter oolong and green teas pair well with light vegetable and rice dishes. Or, you can get extra exciting and make a Hot Toddy by brewing tea, and then adding honey, lemon, and a shot of whiskey! Yum!

The Nightcap

After a fast-paced day, it can be hard to wind down and hit the sack. Fortunately, many herbal “teas” provide calm and are considered natural remedies for sleeplessness. Chamomile is renowned for its ability to relax the drinker and help them settle in for the night. The simple act of disengaging with a cup of hot tea can help unplug and prepare for sleep.

My Girl Wants To… Tea Party All The Time!

A mug of tea is an inward sensory escape -- a calming exploration of flavor that helps the drinker to enjoy subtle details in life. Tea has naturally calming properties, but the act of tea drinking in-and-of itself is enough to create some peace in a tumultuous day. No matter when you choose to incorporate tea, let yourself truly enjoy it. You deserve it. :)