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Slimming Oolong Sachets

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Slimming Oolong Sachets

ingredients: Chinese Oolong Tea

Quantity: 20 Sachets per box

i Kuan Yin Oolong brings forth the best of semi-oxidized oolongs. Hailing from Anxi in the Fujian region of China, this tea is steeped in the traditional Min-Nam style. Honeysuckle and citrus highlight the enchanting taste of this slimming oolong and produce a calming golden color. This tea is antioxidant rich and a potential aid for weight loss and management. Sachets can be re-steeped up to five times, with each re-steeping enhancing the delicate notes of this quality oolong. Quantity: 20 sachets per box

Brewing Instructions (per each 8 oz. of water):
Brewing Instructions

Health Benefits:

  • Articles from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that drinking oolong teas reduced body fat and inclusion of catechins may help in life-style related diseases.
  • Oolong tea can be used as an astringent cleanser for the skin to help with problems associated with acne.
  • The polyphenols in oolong help to promote free radical elimination and improve overall health.


Chinese Oolong Tea

3 Reviews

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