• Enchanted Forest Enchanted Forest

    Enchanted Forest

    *Contains Nuts* Even if you already enjoy the taste of green tea, this green tea with coconut turns up the flavor for a novel tea experience. Enhanced with Sencha and green Mate, rose, cornflower petals, and the indulgent essence of almond, it offers a...

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  • Peppermint


    ingredients: Organic Peppermint from Willamette Valley, USA Our loose leaf peppermint tea awakens the senses with a vibrant aroma and a mildly spicy taste. Peppermint Tea brews a pleasant yellow-green with a cooling menthol flavor. Peppermint is a...

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  • Detox Tea Detox Tea

    Detox Tea

    ingredients: green tea, green mate, lemongrass, ginger, lemon peel, licorice, peppermint, gynostemma leaves, papaya pieces, strawberry pieces, natural flavoringGreen tea is a very hydrating drink, so sipping on Detox Tea throughout the day is a good way...

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  • Madagascar Vanilla

    Madagascar Vanilla

    Back in Stock Mid-December 2020 ingredients: black tea, vanilla bean, natural vanilla flavor Tea is grown on plantations following important environmental protection techniques. The quality of care taken to grow things in the ideal environmental...

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  • Body Revive (Retiring Tea)

    Body Revive (Retiring Tea)

    ingredients: Organic ginger root, organic and Fair Trade Certified hibiscus flowers, organic schizandra berries, organic licorice root, organic rosehips, organic orange peel, essential orange and tangerine oils Our exotically delicious Body Revive is a...

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  • South Beach Breeze

    South Beach Breeze

    ingredients: organic green tea, organic black tea, organic spearmint, organic apple, organic sunflower, organic blue mallow petals, natural flavoring There's nothing like a cold watermelon on a hot day at the beach. Let our South Beach Breeze blow...

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  • Annapolis Treasures Sachets Annapolis Treasures Sachets

    Annapolis Treasures Sachets

    Annapolis Treasures Sachets ingredients: Green Tea, Black Tea, flavoring, rose blossoms, sunflower blossoms Capital Teas began in Annapolis and we felt it would be only right to name one of our favorite teas after the place that started it all. Perfectly...

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  • Chesapeake Sunrise Sachets Chesapeake Sunrise Sachets

    Chesapeake Sunrise Sachets

    Chesapeake Sunrise Sachets *Contains Nuts* ingredients: Green Tea, Black Tea, orange peel, jackfruit, and almond Quantity: 20 Sachets per boxThis delicious tea is a blend of both green tea leaves and certified black tea. The combination of both lightly...

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  • Bao Zhong Supreme

    Bao Zhong Supreme

    Straight from Taiwan to your table, Bao Zhong Supreme is a sensational loose leaf tea with a delicate flavor. The lilac, lily, and green-tea essence give this a oolong tea a stunning aromatic quality. The sweet floral arrangement is delicate and...

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  • Decaf English Breakfast

    Decaf English Breakfast

    This classic favorite was popularized by Queen Victoria. On a trip to Scotland's Balmoral Castle, she discovered this gem of a tea and immediately ordered her personal supply. The rich flavor of a decaffeinated Ceylon blend is suitable for royalty but...

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