Pu-erh Cream Earl Grey

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Indulge in a rich and flavorful cup of tea with our Cream Earl Grey Puerh. This unique blend combines the deep, earthy notes of Puerh tea with bright citrus notes of bergamot, swirled with cream for a luxurious taste.

Our Cream Earl Grey Puerh is perfect for those who love the bold, full-bodied flavor of Puerh tea, but also crave a hint of sweetness and brightness. The bergamot adds a refreshing twist, while the cream adds a velvety smoothness that's truly indulgent.

Made with only the finest ingredients, our Cream Earl Grey Puerh features high-quality Puerh tea, cornflower petals, and natural flavors. The Puerh tea provides a rich, complex base, while the cornflower petals add a delicate touch of floral sweetness.

Whether you're a seasoned tea lover or just discovering the world of Puerh tea, our Cream Earl Grey Puerh is a must-try. It's the perfect balance of earthy, citrusy, and creamy, creating a flavor profile that's both unique and delicious.

Enjoy our Cream Earl Grey Puerh any time of day, whether you prefer it hot or iced. It's a versatile tea that's perfect for any occasion - from a cozy morning at home to an afternoon tea party with friends. Add a splash of milk or creamer for an indulgent treat.

Order your Cream Earl Grey Puerh today and experience the ultimate indulgence in a cup of tea. With its deep, earthy flavor and bright citrus notes, it's a tea that's sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling perfectly content.

Brewing Instructions (per each 6 oz. of water):


Ingredients: Pu-erh tea, cornflower pedals, and natural flavors