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  • Roasted Almond Tea

    Roasted Almond Tea

    *Contains Nuts* Ingredients:  apple pieces, planed and crushed almonds, caramelized almonds, cinnamon pieces, beetroot pieces, natural flavoring A gorgeous toffee apple red in the cup, our Roasted Almond Tea smells of fresh and caramelized...

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  • Capital Breakfast Capital Breakfast

    Capital Breakfast

    Capital Breakfast ingredients: organic black tea Carefully crafted with a blend that includes Chinese, Indian, Kenyan, and Sri Lankan black teas. This award-winning breakfast beverage from Capital Teas is sure to please. Thick malt and full-bodied flavor...

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  • Cream Earl Grey Black Tea Cream Earl Grey Black Tea

    Cream Earl Grey Black Tea

    ingredients: organic black tea, organic bergamont oil, natural flavors, organic cornflower blossoms Creamy yet complex, this black tea from Capital Teas is a delicious departure from the traditional flavor. Hints of vanilla add another layer of taste...

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  • O' Christmas Tea

    O' Christmas Tea

    *Contains Nuts* The warm and bright flavors in this blend create a special tea that stands out among typical Christmas teas. Ideal for gift giving with its array of Christmas-inspired hues and holiday-themed flavors, it consists of Sencha Green Tea,...

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  • Magic Tea Maker

    Magic Tea Maker

    The Magic Tea Maker makes brewing your next cup of tea fun and engaging. Fill according to the instructions, and watch as the hot water infuses your favorite loose leaf tea. The brewing process takes only a few minutes. It's so easy, it's almost like...

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  • Signature Tea Sampler Signature Tea Sampler

    Signature Tea Sampler

    Signature Tea Sampler Experience all three of our Capital Teas Signature Blends at once with this sampler. Organic tea is grown with lower levels of pesticides and other chemicals, resulting in clean-tasting loose leaf tea that the connoisseur will...

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  • Tea Lager Earl Grey

    Tea Lager Earl Grey

    Beer + Tea? Just try it. Five minutes of cold brewing directly in your beer glass or chalice will add new dimensions to any beer. Each resealable pouch is packed with six pyramid sachets to ensure maximum flavor and aroma exchange. You can reuse...

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  • Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon

    Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon

    Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon For those days when you have time for just one cup of tea, the Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon helps you brew that one satisfying cup with ease. Choose your favorite tea pot or tea-for-one, and then just fill the spoon, add hot water,...